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“No hook and bull, just straight up experience!” That’s the moto we live by. With over 35 years of oilfield experience from auditing and construction to safety and completion/workover, our wide range of experience enables us to recognize process failure and allows us to create understandable action items to improve your company’s performance.

If it’s lease operations your company needs, we’ve spent 11 years optimizing production, maintaining leases, and keeping operating expenses within a defined budget.

Maybe you’re looking for a completion/workover supervisor? Ten years of our experience has been dedicated to production logging, perforation, multi-stage fracing, fishing, wellbore cleanouts, snubbing, oil tubing, cement squeeze and various other downhole needs.

Photo Courtesy of Patrick Meyers/NPS
Image Courtesy of Derek Gavey

Are you seeking pipeline construction, welding inspection, or facility construction? These services, along with polypipe inspection and compressor facility design are also right up our alley.

We take safety very seriously! Our operating experience gives us a considerable advantage because we are familiar with production equipment and the needs to set you up with a safe and efficient operation. 

Our experience in safety is quite versatile with everything from overseeing a Process Safety Management (PMS) facility to PHMSA pipeline managment. If your company is experiencing a high frequency of incidents, our experience in safety mangement and safety compliance auditing may be what you’re looking for.

Hook Em Up oil and gas consulting services

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about the owners

Perry Arima of Hook Em Up, LLC

Perry Arima


Born and raised in Wyoming, I have a passion for outdoor activities – thus the name of my company evolved. I am a dedicated family man. My business partner/wife Kathy and I have two wonderfully successful children and four awesome grandchildren. After spending 35 years dedicated to one oil and gas company, I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge to help your company become more safe and efficient. I am sure you will understand what my company name means when you give me the opportunity to hook you up with new and innovative ideas.

Kathy Arima of Hook 'Em Up, LLC

Kathy Arima


Owner/Office Manager

Wyoming has been my home since birth. Most of my family still live in the State, but some have ventured to other areas. We have two children with strong work ethics and have bright futures because of it. I am very proud of my family; Perry is willing to work anywhere, including other states, to keep our business robust and growing. I love the challange of being a partner in a new business. After 17 years of banking experience, I find myself starting a new chapter in my life. Being owners of a business in an experience and I daily, grab the bull by the horns and try not to let go! There’s a whole world of small business management just waiting for me to hook on to! I look forward to the adventure, wherever it leads us.

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